American Riviera Bank Regional Pulse

Understanding the Restaurant Business on the Central Coast

September 10, 2019

Bobby Boyes, Vice President and Client Relationship Manager at American Riviera Bank speaks with John Bennett, Santa Barbara Restaurateur about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to opening a restaurant on the Central Coast. John D Bennett arrived in SB from NY at age 12. He graduated from SB High and took over management duties at his family owned business, Brophy Brothers. After many years in the restaurant business, he helped open the Ventura Brophy Brothers, and now oversees other family owned places such as Benchmark Eatery and Farmer Boy Restaurant. Bobby and John discuss the ups and downs of running multiple restaurants in Santa Barbara, the ramifications of the minimum wage increase, rent and lease payments in town either from the city of private party, and the major obstacles that prevent success when new restaurants open.